Tips to find the perfect fragrance


Have you ever thought about what summer smells like? If you spent your childhood summers near the water, your summer scent preferences will be very different than someone whose summers were spent surrounded by blossoming trees and waving meadows. But one thing is for certain: the fragrance you choose today is often rooted in either memories of the past or desires for the present.

Even though you’ll find fragrances labeled with summery terms, like ocean breeze, salt air, and sunscreen, it’s best to choose a scent that speaks to you on a personal level.

Having trouble choosing? Here are a few tips that may help you find your sensory soulmate.

Fragrance Tip #1 – Learn How “Notes” Work

If you’re confused by fragrance terms, think of them in the shape of a pyramid. In a high quality fragrance, there are three layers: top notes, heart notes, and base notes. The top notes are at the forefront of the fragrance and are easy to detect immediately when you first apply it. They tend to be bright, but short-lived, so they disappear quickly. Heart notes emerge as the top notes evaporate and usually create the main scent. Finally, as time passes, only the base notes will remain. These tend to linger and may stay on your skin and even your clothes for hours.

Fragrance Tip #2 – Pick a Concentration that Matches Your Goal

Have you ever noticed that your fragrance gets stronger as your temperature rises? Most people gravitate toward lighter fragrances in the warm summer months to avoid overpowering their coworkers and loved ones. In fragrance terms, the concentration of aromatic oils in a product influence its overall strength. Eau de Cologne is popular in summer because the perfume oils are less concentrated (approximately 2–5%) and last about two hours. That doesn’t mean you should shelve your favorite Eau de Parfum; it just means you might want to reserve it for a cooler, indoor occasion to enjoy its potency.

Fragrance Tip #3 – Create Your Own Mood Magic

Your nose will always be your best guide, but if you identify key scents that you already love in your current fragrance, you’ll be better armed when buying something new. For example, uplifting florals and fresh scents dominate during summer, so review their olfactory notes carefully. Our best-selling White Moss Unisex Cologne is filled with the freshness of a spring day along with a heart of calming lavender and a base of soft creamy wood, freshly laundered linen, and a slight amber sweetness.

Fragrance Tip #4 – Layer for Longevity or Complexity

Who said you can’t layer multiple scents? For years, we’ve been consciously (or unconsciously) building a base fragrance with our shower gels and body lotions, so why not experiment by combining what you already know with something unexpected? The key to layering fragrance and/or scented body products is balance.

Try combining two scents from the same fragrance family. Scents with vanilla and musk base notes can usually be topped with a similar combination with good results. Start with a scented body lotion and a complementary fragrance and see how you enjoy the experience. As you become more confident in your approach, layer combinations that have a common base note, like vanilla, and different top notes, like citrus or white flowers. You may end up creating a unique scent that will have others asking what it is all season long.

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