How to store skin care in summer!


Most skincare fans appreciate a good shelfie shot, but no matter how Insta-worthy these pics may be, your bathroom counter isn’t the best place for storing skincare. The following tips will ensure your precious skincare and beauty products remain effective during hot weather and all year long.

Skincare and Sunlight Don’t Mix

Have you ever wondered why certain products are housed in dark-colored glass? Some key ingredients, like vitamin C, oxidize when exposed to light. What does that mean for your skin? If you’ve been keeping your high-end serum on the bathroom sink, you’ve probably inadvertently reduced its shelf-life and its potency.

For example, ascorbic acid is one of the most common vitamin C ingredients. Sadly, it’s also unstable and can become ineffective if stored improperly. Keep your vitamin C serum in a cool location away from sunlight and check it regularly for any changes in color or scent as these indicate that the product has been compromised.

Tip: Although we’re focusing on skincare here, parfum is equally vulnerable when exposed to sunlight. Keep your White Moss fragrances, especially your White Moss Solid Perfume, safely in a sunless environment to ensure the longevity of the scent and consistency of the product.

Heat Can Ruin Balms and Butters

Body-soothing butters and lip-loving balms make quick work of moisturizing dehydrated skin and soothing chapped lips, but their formulas can melt or separate when left in a hot environment. If you use oil-rich products such as White Moss Karite Body Butter make sure to store them in a stable environment. But don’t put them in the fridge. They will lose their creamy consistency and become difficult to apply.

Humidity Increases Bacterial Growth

Have you ever noticed the little silica packets that come inside vitamin bottles? Silica gel is a desiccant (also known as a drying agent) and manufacturers include these tiny packets to prevent moisture-induced mold from growing. Temperature fluctuations caused by your shower can wreak havoc on skincare formulas, too.

Powder products, like brush-on sunscreen or cleanser, can clump and degrade when kept in a steamy, humid environment, so consider storing these in your nightstand drawer or some other location away from the bathroom, especially if it isn’t ventilated properly.

Aerosol Canisters Can Explode

If you use aerosol sunscreen, facial mist, or our White Moss Shave Foam, don’t leave them in your car. When the mercury soars, aerosol canisters can explode due to their pressurized content. Keep these canisters out of the sun. High temperatures can increase the pressure inside the container, so store them out of sight in a cool, dark place.

Pack Your Travel Bag to Prevent Leakage

Speaking of pressure, take additional precautions whenever your travel plans include flying. As the plane ascends and descends, cabin pressure changes, and your skincare items can expand with the force and leak. Make sure your containers have secure lids and consider taping the opening shut to avoid leakage. Double-bagging these items in plastic bags will further protect everything in your suitcase from being damaged by leaking skincare.

Refrigerated Skincare Is Surprisingly Soothing

An ice-cold glass of lemonade tamps down the heat of a summer’s day, and treating your skincare to a little fridge time can make the application especially soothing. Sheet masks give skin an instant kiss of hydration, and a chilled sheet mask can drop your body temperature when it’s sweltering outside. Chilled eye cream also works wonders on under-eye puffiness. Much like putting ice on an injured ankle takes down the swelling, chilled eye cream or hydrogel patches have a depuffing effect, so your peepers will look more perky in minutes.

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