Ready to Revamp Your Body Care Arsenal? Learn About Body Butter, Body Lotion, and Why You May Want to Stock Up on Both

When it comes to hydrating your skin, there are numerous choices. Stroll the aisles of your favorite store, and you’ll find everything from rich body oils to lightweight lotions and creamy butters. But which one is right for your needs?

Packaging Tells the Tale

If you’re uncertain about which product you need, consider its packaging. Pump bottles cannot dispense thick products, so these usually contain lotions or emulsions. Body butter is potent, luxurious, and dense, so look for plastic or glass jars when hunting for your dream product.

Pick a Product that Suits the Season

Your clothes and eating habits change with the seasons, so why not your moisturizer? During the spring and summer when the weather is hot and humid, your skin produces more oil naturally than during the arid fall and winter months. For summer, switch to body lotion in a pump bottle. Not only is it thinner and more lightweight, but it will absorb faster without leaving your skin feeling sticky or tacky. This is because lotions are technically emulsions, which is a blend of oil and water that works for normal as well as combination skin.

Winter Weather Commands Something With Heft

In winter, your skin can become ultra-dry, thanks to the forced air heating your office and home. The result? Dry, flaky skin that cries out for body butter’s natural richness. Since body butter has an oiler consistency, try applying it right after bathing when your skin is still slightly damp. The water will make the body butter spread easier. These products also work better as nighttime rejuvenating moisturizers since they can feel heavy or sticky during the day. Use them to treat dry elbows and feet as well as your lower legs after shaving. The thick consistency makes them perfectly suited for individuals with dry skin.

Stock Your Self Care Cabinet with Both Products

Since skin care needs vary from day to day and season to season, it makes sense to have both a lightweight lotion and an intensive body butter on hand. When your skin needs moisture, but you don’t have time for a hydrating product to absorb before rushing on to your next task, body lotion makes perfect sense. White Moss fast-absorbing body lotion allow it to quickly penetrate the skin because the emulsions contain more water than the body butter. But when skin needs extra pampering, body butter works wonders. These heavenly moisturizers contain unsaponified ingredients, such as beeswax, coconut oil, and shea butter. Body butters, especially White Moss Karité Body Butter, not only nourish and protect the skin. They also help support healthy collagen production, so skin stays firmer and more resilient.

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