How to get the perfect summer skin glow?


The salt, sand, and sea trifecta makes for a perfect summer destination, but those three elements can wreak havoc on your skin’s healthy glow. And when you spend your days luxuriating poolside or playing volleyball on the beach, your skin needs more pampering than usual. To get your healthy radiance back on track, try incorporating all five of these activities into your weekly routine.

Reap the Benefits of Dry Brushing

If your wellness practices involve meditation or yoga, you may already know about dry brushing. The principle is simple actually. In Ayurveda, a healing system with a 5,000-year history, garshana (aka dry brushing) eliminates dead skin cells, improves circulation, and stimulates the body’s lymphatic system. Before bathing, brush your body in long strokes toward your heart. Use a soft brush specifically designed for dry brushing.

Use a Physical Body Scrub Weekly

Sometimes dry brushing alone doesn’t remove stubborn dead skin, especially on your elbows, knees, and heals. Use a moisturizing body scrub once or twice a week before you lather up in the shower. It may sound weird to scrub first and wash second, but the physical exfoliation will make it easier for your body wash or bar soap to do its job.  Plus, your freshly scrubbed skin will soak up the hydrating ingredients in your cleansing products more fully. Tip: You can make your own body scrub right in your kitchen by combining melted coconut oil with sugar. Or try adding sugar to your favorite body wash to cleanse and scrub in a single step. We’d love to hear what you whip up at home!

Invest in Sunscreen with Skincare Benefits

If you’re still using the same thick sunscreen you’ve used for years, it’s time to check out the aesthetically pleasing options in your local Target or Walmart store. Broad spectrum sunscreen – the kind that blocks both UVA and UVB rays – doesn’t have to feel sticky or heavy. Many mineral or chemical sunscreen formulas absorb quickly and don’t leave a white cast. Some even contain ingredients like jojoba oil, vitamins C and E, or moisture-rich propolis to help keep your skin feeling and looking healthy. Some of the newer spray sunscreens also contain moisturizing oils in addition to their active ingredients.

Switch Up Your After Sun Routine

After a day in the sun, you need to take restorative measures to give back what the elements took away. Stock your shower with bar soap steeped in olive oil. The creamy lather from our White Moss Soap nurtures your skin while keeping it moisturized as well.

Lock in Hydration After Showering

Body lotion can amp up your skin’s glow, but you need more than simple moisture to keep your skin healthy. Tip: To lock in moisture and get the maximum skin benefits from your lotion, apply it when your skin is still damp. Your lotion will also go farther since the added water makes it easier to spread.

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