Bar Soaps, differences and benefits


If You’ve Sworn Off Bar Soap, It’s Time To Rethink Your Stance

When it comes to selecting personal care items, such as skin and body essentials, it’s important to choose products that treat your skin gently and enjoyably. Sure, you can buy a bargain-priced product and get the job done, but what effect does it have on your skin? For years, I swore off bar soap because it left my skin feeling tight, itchy, and dry. Then I discovered a bar of triple-milled soap while traveling. To say it changed the way I think about soap is an understatement … and you may be ready for a self-care upgrade as well.

What Does Triple Cold-Milled Mean?

Soap making isn’t a complicated process, but milling, especially three times to create one product, makes the task more labor intensive than most companies want to undertake. White Moss uses a cold processing system that eliminates artificially heating the soap prior to curing it. The ingredients that go into the soap have a natural exothermic reaction, so there’s no need for harsh chemicals that big manufacturers use to shorten the hardening process. Once the reaction process – also known as saponification – is complete, the soap is ready to be milled, a process invented in France in the 18th century. Milling involves shredding the soap and then running the flakes through heavy rollers three times to create a paste that eventually hardens into a shiny, heavy bar.

Triple-Milling Increases Longevity

The process involves several steps, but you’ll discover that it makes the bars last a very long time. If you’ve ever had a bar of soap break in half after just a few uses, you know it wasn’t triple milled. White Moss beautiful bars last an extraordinarily long time, and many loyal customers comment on their value when they review their products. Additionally, these bars are milder and more suited to sensitive or easily irritated skin.

Artisanal Soap Moisturizes Better Than Commercial Brands

If you or someone you love has experienced the moisture-stripping effects of regular bar soap, you probably switched to body wash and swore off anything in bar form. But not all soaps are the same, and a properly formulated, triple cold-milled bar will produce mounds of fluffy lather that doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight and dry. Take a look at the ingredients in White Moss Soap, for example. You’ll quickly discover that both palm and coconut oil are at the front of the list, and both of these naturally derived ingredients enhance this soap’s hydrating power.

Watch Out For Overpowering Scents

Here’s where things can go astray. Many manufacturers incorporate artificial fragrances into their products when natural fragrances lack potency. Without naming names, you’ve probably smelled a heavily scented “Irish” soap at some point. That strong fragrance is anything but natural. A premium soap has a natural yet subtle fragrance, so you’ll enjoy a refreshing experience while bathing but won’t have to worry about the soap fighting with your favorite fragrance throughout the day.

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